Guns of the boom is a very popular online multiplayer game that you can play on your Android or iOS device. This is an action game and has more than 48 varieties of ammunition. You can kill your free time by participating in this game as it is very much addictive. This game is not about just shooting, but you need to strategize well to reach the higher level. This is not like the ordinary video games, so you have to be very much alert. You have to win every battle for earning trophies in a multiplayer mode. You can also lose the trophies if you are planning to play solo. So there is some things that you should keep in mind before you start playing this game.

Things to know about this game

When you will be playing the game always choose a place where your enemies won’t be able to attack you. Having a good weapon with a secure place will help you to kill all your enemies within some seconds.

Here in this game, you will have to use the jacket that will protect you.

You have to be very much skillful while using the weapon. If you are unable to use all the weapons properly still, it is very much ok if you can use a particular weapon in a great way. Once you have discovered the weapon which you can use properly, you should start upgrading it. Do not spend resources on weapons that will be expensive instead spend your resources on weapons that will be easier to upgrade. You can also get guns of boom free gunbucks with the help of guns of boom cheats.

Spend the resource properly because with every increasing stage upgradation will cost you a huge amount of resource. So save them from the beginning of the game otherwise you will lose the entire game. You can also use cheats which are available online to get huge resources and guns of boom free gunbucks.

Try to participate in maximum battles so that you can add more trophies. Everything will be sorted according to the points and the number of trophies you have won.

A health pack is one of the most interesting resources and can help you a lot when you are on the battlefield. When you are fighting in a field, try to be very much aggressive so that you can easily kill your entire enemy within a short time. Do not let your enemies use any stronger weapons against you so try to use the guns of boom free gunbucks.


You can use the grenade for causing huge destruction and here you just won’t have to make any target. But it can also happen that your opponent has the grenade so to survive in the game properly strategizes well.

As this game should be played with the team members so, do not try to go solo. You can ask your friend to join your clan so that you can trust your members and know about the skills.

Always try to score some extra points by staying alive. Double kill will give you 12 points, and triple kill can help you to get 25 points.

There are different types of weapon with important features like the Legend weapon which is having a power of 340 and can cover 20 territories. The Guillotine weapon has a power of 400 and can cover 19 territories. Sting can cover 25 territories with the power of 524. The slicer has a power of 652 and covers 25 territories. The scattershot is a great weapon when it comes to having a power of 775.

All this will help you to survive properly in this game. If you are using any tool for guns of boom free gunbucks, then make sure it is a trusted one and not asking for your personal information.