Just like the clash of clan, clash royale is also a popular game and this game has been developed by the Supercell. This is a game based on pure strategy. Here you have to build your deck and compete with opponent’s deck. This game was launched in the year 2016. This game looks pretty simple where all you have to do is destroy the tower of the opponent. There will be three towers with a clock ticking in the background. Destroying the tower will help you to win the game. As the time limit is 3 minutes, so you have to destroy the tower during this time. If it happens that both the players are unable to defeat then both of them will be getting an extension of 1 minute and whoever destroys the crown tower wins the clash royale game.

With the basic, you will start from training camp. You have to develop the troops which will help you to level up all your cards. You will have to face seven battle during training so know about their uses and cards. You will get Wooden chest where you will get the first deck. And during the last card, you will get random cards. With the use of every card, you will get to know about various techniques and knowledge.

Basics about chests


With every battle, you will get the new chest. During the training camp, you will get wooden chests. You will get four chests. Once you get four chests, you will have to wait until a new one is opened. And every chest will come with an individual timer. For silver, you will get 3 hours and gold will take 8 hours. Giants will take 12 hours, and magical will need an entire day. You can unlock them by using the clash royale gems tips. These chest drops will be given in a pattern.


You will get free chest after 4 hours. You can only store them for two times which you can easily unlock in hours.


The crown chest will get reset after a day. For unlocking the crown chest, you will need to get ten crowns. If you can easily destroy King’s tower, then you will get three crowns. But you can only stack up two crown chests at a time.

These are some few chest details which you should know before playing the game. So to win the clash royale destroying the middle tower is the main motive of the players.