Mobile Legends is played exclusively over Mobile phones. It is an online multiplayer strategy game where the players get to choose their own Heroes, form alliances with other players to participate in battles with opponent teams.

Features of the game

Choose your own Heroes

The game has a large selection of Heroes to choose from. As you proceed through the game, you can also upgrade them and buy new ones using your gold.

Strategy battles

Battles are waged between two teams, each of which has 5 players. You can only defeat the enemies by blowing up their headquarters. For this, you always need to have effective strategies in hand. Choosing the right allies and better team coordination can be helpful.

No training

Mobile Legends do not come with a hero training feature. The skills are displayed directly in the battle and this, itself, decides the winners and the losers. Hence, each player gets to have a fair play.

Simple controls

The other great thing about this game is that the controls are very simple. All the movements can be controlled by two fingers. This ensures that you do not experience any finger fatigue even on playing the game for long hours at a stretch.

Offline Assistance

The problem with many online multiplayer games is that you tend to lag behind as soon you go offline. Hence, an unsteady internet connection can prove to be highly disadvantageous for progressing within the game. However, this is not the case with Mobile Legends. When you go offline, your characters are automatically controlled by artificial intelligence so that when you reconnect, you can start right from where you left off.


Diamonds, gold, tickets and battle points are the most important resources used in the game and can be obtained by using mobile legends bang bang cheats. These are rewarded when the players emerge victorious in a battle. The resources can be used to make direct purchases from the in-game shop.

Paid items

Mobile Legends have various in-game items such as weapons, shields, character skins and more that are purchased using the in-game resources. However, if you are not able to accumulate enough resources, you may not be able to make the required purchases. In such cases, you can access the items by paying in real cash. This allows you to make faster progress and saves you from staying stuck in the same place for a long period.