Mobile Legends: free game for mobile phones

Mobile Legends is played exclusively over Mobile phones. It is an online multiplayer strategy game where the players get to choose their own Heroes, form alliances with other players to participate in battles with opponent teams.

Features of the game

Choose your own Heroes

The game has a large selection of Heroes to choose from. As you proceed through the game, you can also upgrade them and buy new ones using your gold.

Strategy battles

Battles are waged between two teams, each of which has 5 players. You can only defeat the enemies by blowing up their headquarters. For this, you always need to have effective strategies in hand. Choosing the right allies and better team coordination can be helpful.

No training

Mobile Legends do not come with a hero training feature. The skills are displayed directly in the battle and this, itself, decides the winners and the losers. Hence, each player gets to have a fair play.

Simple controls

The other great thing about this game is that the controls are very simple. All the movements can be controlled by two fingers. This ensures that you do not experience any finger fatigue even on playing the game for long hours at a stretch.

Offline Assistance

The problem with many online multiplayer games is that you tend to lag behind as soon you go offline. Hence, an unsteady internet connection can prove to be highly disadvantageous for progressing within the game. However, this is not the case with Mobile Legends. When you go offline, your characters are automatically controlled by artificial intelligence so that when you reconnect, you can start right from where you left off.


Diamonds, gold, tickets and battle points are the most important resources used in the game and can be obtained by using mobile legends bang bang cheats. These are rewarded when the players emerge victorious in a battle. The resources can be used to make direct purchases from the in-game shop.

Paid items

Mobile Legends have various in-game items such as weapons, shields, character skins and more that are purchased using the in-game resources. However, if you are not able to accumulate enough resources, you may not be able to make the required purchases. In such cases, you can access the items by paying in real cash. This allows you to make faster progress and saves you from staying stuck in the same place for a long period.

Things to know about chests

Just like the clash of clan, clash royale is also a popular game and this game has been developed by the Supercell. This is a game based on pure strategy. Here you have to build your deck and compete with opponent’s deck. This game was launched in the year 2016. This game looks pretty simple where all you have to do is destroy the tower of the opponent. There will be three towers with a clock ticking in the background. Destroying the tower will help you to win the game. As the time limit is 3 minutes, so you have to destroy the tower during this time. If it happens that both the players are unable to defeat then both of them will be getting an extension of 1 minute and whoever destroys the crown tower wins the clash royale game.

With the basic, you will start from training camp. You have to develop the troops which will help you to level up all your cards. You will have to face seven battle during training so know about their uses and cards. You will get Wooden chest where you will get the first deck. And during the last card, you will get random cards. With the use of every card, you will get to know about various techniques and knowledge.

Basics about chests


With every battle, you will get the new chest. During the training camp, you will get wooden chests. You will get four chests. Once you get four chests, you will have to wait until a new one is opened. And every chest will come with an individual timer. For silver, you will get 3 hours and gold will take 8 hours. Giants will take 12 hours, and magical will need an entire day. You can unlock them by using the clash royale gems tips. These chest drops will be given in a pattern.


You will get free chest after 4 hours. You can only store them for two times which you can easily unlock in hours.


The crown chest will get reset after a day. For unlocking the crown chest, you will need to get ten crowns. If you can easily destroy King’s tower, then you will get three crowns. But you can only stack up two crown chests at a time.

These are some few chest details which you should know before playing the game. So to win the clash royale destroying the middle tower is the main motive of the players.


How Clash Royale Can Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

Decision Making Is A Skill

Having the ability to make quick decisions can benefit you in a lot of different ways, which is why so many people are thinking of newer and better ways to make the deciding process easier for them overall. Being able to make quick decisions will help you in a variety of different situations. To start off with, it is going to be great at making you more popular at your workplace. This is because of the fact that you would be able to handle situations that a lot of other people would panic if they were the ones dealing with them.

The ability to make quick decisions will also help you feel more satisfied in a variety of other aspects of your life. You would be able to handle a lot of different aspects of your life with more ease simply because making a decision is going to become so much simpler for you. The only problem is that trying to improve your decision-making skills is going to be tough if you don’t have an activity to do that would help improve this skillset overall.

Use Clash Royale As A Tool

One activity that actually provides a surprising amount of benefit when it comes to improving how long it takes for you to make a decision is playing games on your smartphone. This is because of the fact that while you are playing this game you are going to have to make snap decisions in order to ensure that your game lasts as long as possible. Whatever game you are playing, chances are that you are going to want to excel in said game. This is what is going to make you want to improve your own game in every single way possible, thus enabling yourself to be able to show off to your friends with just how good you are at the game that all of you are playing.

Clash Royale is a good example of a game that can really help you improve your overall decision-making skills. This is because of the fact that this game would force you to look at the entire situation that is occurring and make your decision based on that. As you keep playing the game, your ability to judge the situation accurately and make decisions accordingly is going to keep getting better until at one point you are going to end up becoming really good at this indeed.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you should never use a clash royale cheats if you truly want the game to become as easy as possible for you overall. Using a hack would make the decisions you have to make a lot easier overall, which means that no matter how much you play the game it is highly unlikely that you are going to get very good at it any time soon. Remember, you are playing for a reason, not just to have fun.

The Strategic Revenge Clash of Clans Hack

As far as mobile games go, Clash of Clans has reserved a spot as one of the highest played of all time, and continues to remain in that spot, since its creation and release on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

One of the reasons why is that is a complete game that is available for free, but also has the option of upgradeable features using a gem system that requires real world money (though gems are also available in game at a lower quantity). Another reason is that Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy game, one of the first of its kind, and combines the best aspects of the genre and implements it efficiently on a touchscreen platform – while still dedicating itself to an immersive world with design that shows a lot of thought put into it.

As a strategy game, long-term goals and thinking far ahead are the key of mastering the game. Making sure your village can handle any threat that comes its way, and to take down any opposition that you may face is essential. Clash of Clans hacks are one way of making sure you will reach your goals and ease your way through them. Many people believe Clash of Clan hacks are lazy and a form of shortcut. That critique holds little value though, because people derive enjoyment in different ways, and hacking games like Clash of Clans won’t necessarily take the fun out of the game. Clash of Clan hacks still require some skill and knowledge to properly implement, and have a learning curve of their own.

Revenge Attack

A useful Clash of Clans hack is Clash of Clans Hack Online – Add Free Gems, where you take the opportunity to enact revenge against your opponent in an attack. For this Clash of Clans hack you have to decide when to fall back and when to charge forth and attack your enemy ruthlessly and disable them by using appropriately times revenge.

The harsh reality of Clash of Clans is that, more often than not, you will get severely attacked during moments of vulnerability, like the times you are away from the game or the times when you’re shield is down. This is going to come as a surprise and you may not like it, but it is important to remember that there are advantages to this too and you have to opportunity to use revenge as a Clash of Clans hack.

Getting attacked presents you with a very rare opportunity for revenge.  So when you are back from your idle screen time, you can check to see a list of the people who defaced your village while you were gone or when your shield was down. Now you have a choice after viewing this list, to return the favor and attack them back. This leaves you with a big strategic upper hand, because you can view their village and get a lay of the land and attack them after carefully planning your attacks. You can plan your attack by training different troop units for special assault attacks.

Another great thing you can do in the revenge Clash of Clans hack is to check the enemy storages which can be done either visually or by clicking on the storage and checking the levels, and also check the locations of their town hall. This planning and checking is sure to give you a perfect revenge hack against your opponent.

Are Clash Royale Cheats Worth It?

Clash Royale can give you a very exciting few minutes of gameplay, all while helping you to have a fun activity to take part in with friends. If you want your clash royale sessions to be as enjoyable as possible, you might be tempted to find some cheat codes. These cheat codes are going to make it easier for you to win the game, but a lot of people tend to think that they are not all that fair. While it is true that you are cutting corners if you are using cheat codes, at the same time it is very important to realize the fact that Clash Royale cheats can really help you to get ahead in the game with ease, without having to worry about your level of skill or any of the other factors that might come into play.

How They Work

If you want to apply some clash royale cheats, all you are going to have to do is go to a specific website that would allow you to get the free gems you are searching for. Essentially, a clash royale cheat is specifically designed to allow you to get more gems which are very important if you want to advance in the game as quickly as possible. Many people talk about gems as if they are not all that important, telling that if they wanted to make the game easier they would get coins or elixir instead. While it is true that elixir and coins are both quite important, you also need to realize that gems actually make it a great deal easier for you to acquire both of these things. Essentially, if you have unlimited gems then you would be able to procure any of the items you need in order to win a game.

It is suggested that you use the royale hack carefully, however. If you are not careful, the game might end up realizing that you are cheating and would ban your account. This would mean that you would no longer be able to access any of your old games, and you would lose the entire collection that you had gathered.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, so if you want to be able to enjoy playing the game after you have applied the cheat try to get as many gems as you are going to need all in one go so that you don’t have to keep doing it again and again. This way you are going to end up getting the gems without putting yourself at risk, as the more times you use the cheat the more likely it is going to be for the game to figure out what is going on. The odd usage does not register, however, so as long as you keep your cheats as sparing as possible you are not going to have any trouble at all while getting ahead in this excellent game.

August Review of Hay Day

Detailed Information About Hay Day

Hay day is a casual farming game which can be played on mobiles and tablets. This game is getting a lot of popularity; in fact, it becomes the number one farming game in 122 countries. Supercell is the creator of this game in which you will get the opportunity to build and manage the farm which is full of cute animals. Basically, it is a very special space where a player needs to harvest crops and the most attractive thing is that such crops never die.  This game is free to download which means you can enjoy this superb game absolutely free. In this game, a player can also make his own town and make the game more interesting. If you love farming games and want to play Hay Day then go ahead in the further article where you will get detailed information about the game.

Features of Hay Day

This is a special space where you can enjoy a lot and there are many features which make this game unique. In this game, a player needs to harvest the crops and sell to other players. While playing player can also trade the crops and other goods such as eggs and milk through the roadside shop. You can also fulfill the orders by using truck and if needed then you will also provide by steamboat. If you are playing the game then focus on creating a profitable farm by which you are able to get the maximum profit. This is a simple game which can be played by anyone and if you want to get masters then play this for a long time.

How to play Hay Day?

If you are going to play the game first time then before playing you must check out the details about the game. We recommend that you first search for Hay Day Hack – Free Diamonds and learn how to use it since it will help save you money. It is too necessary to have proper knowledge regarding the ways of playing. When you start the game you will be provided by a scarecrow that will make you understand the whole concept by the bubble text. You just need to read such bubbles and after this play the game in a rocking way. Apart from this; when you have done with the installation process of this game then first step is setting up the farm and you should set up the farm properly in order to play in a better way. After this plant the initial crops in lands and in the starting you will be provided by three plots of lands for harvesting crops.

Moving further; this farming game is playing by a lot of people whether they are kids, youngsters or old ones. It is the best way to kill the spare time and it is a boon for those people who want to grab their knowledge about farming but don’t have enough time to build a farm. By playing Hay Day they can easily collect the high information and also get the experience of taking care animals and harvesting the crops. This is a fun loving game and you should play this whenever you are free.